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On-line Training Coordinator:


Certified Instructors/ Trainers / Therapists

Tony Costa, Senior Instructor, Lineage Holder (Los Angeles/ Boston)

Tim Crone, Intensional Running Coach and Therapist (Oakland)

Sergio Verdeza, Licensed Instructor (Miami)

Tom Greensmith, Instructor (London)


Associated School and Master
Seongju Park (South Korea)


Roger Niez, Senior Master (Southern California / Tennesee)

Evan Strand, Senior Instructor (Los Angeles/ Pasadena)

4th Degree licensed instructor, Hsing Chen 2nd generation lineage holder

Ryan Rundle, (Ventura/Santa Barbara)

Comprehensively trained in Hsing Chen close-combat art, amateur MMA cage fighter, Ba Gua Zhang 6th generation formal lineage holder

Sal Camaraza (Miami)

3rd Degree Licensed Instructor. Areas of concentraton:  Hsing Chen kung fu, close-combat practical street survival, T’ai-chi/ taijiquan

Garrett Tucker, (Rocklin, Roseville, Ca/ Near Sacramento).

3rd Degree Licensed Instructor. Specializes in Hsing-i/ xingyiquan Ba Gua Zhang/ Baguazhang, T’ai-chi Ch’uan, I-chuan/ yiquan & Ba Gua Zhang. Standing meditation practice/

Jimi Antoine, New York City

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