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Certified Instructors/ Trainers / Therapists

Above: Master John Bracy with copy of latest book: The Search for Mind-Body Energy: Meditation, Medicine & Martial Arts

Below: Video:  Master John Bracy discusses two principles that define the internal martial arts

Master Bracy became a Ba Gua Zhang  5th generation lineage holder in Beijing, China, the birthplace of the art, in 1988. (He and his students were discussed in a documentary made for Chinese television)….. Read more about Master Teacher John here:  About the Founder

Tony Costa, Senior Instructor, Lineage Holder (Los Angeles/ Boston)

Tim Crone, M.A. Licensed Instructor & Intensional Running Coach/ Therapist

Sergio Verdeza, Licensed Instructor (Miami)

Tom Greensmith, Licensed Instructor (London)


Associated School and Master
Seongju Park (South Korea)


Roger Niez, Senior Master (Southern California / Tennessee)

7th Degree Master Instructor. Splitting his time between California and Tennessee, Roger teaches privately in Laguna Beach, CA and at his studio in Cleveland, TN. Roger specializes in Hsing-i Chuan/ xingyiquan, Internal Shaolin, T’ai-chi Chuan/ taijiquan, street defense, close combat, bodyguard training and a variety of weapons

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Garrett Tucker (Rocklin, CA)

7th Degree Master Instructor. Garrett teaches small groups and private students in Rocklin, CA, near Sacramento. He specializes in Ba Gua Zhang, Hsing-i/ xingyiquan and internal training principles.

Evan Strand, Senior Instructor (Los Angeles/ Pasadena)

4th Degree licensed instructor, Hsing Chen 2nd generation lineage holder

Ryan Rundle, (Berkeley/ Oakland, CA)

3rd Degree Licensed Instructor/ 6th generation Ba Gua Zhang lineage holder. Comprehensively trained in Hsing Chen close-combat art, amateur MMA competitor

Sal Camaraza (Miami)

7th Degree Master Instructor. Areas of concentraton:  Hsing Chen kung fu, close-combat practical street survival, T’ai-chi/ taijiquan

Jimi Antoine, New York City

Haven Pell (Los Angeles / Mid-City Heights)

Recharge and start (or finish) your day with internal energy!   Private instruction by Haven Pell, Licensed Instructor, Hsing Chen & Chi-Arts associations. For more info, write

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