Xing Yi / Hsing-I (Mind-Form Boxing)

The overwhelming force of a tsunami. The concentrated energy of a laser beam.  Hsing-i, also written xingyiquan, is the oldinternal martial art of focused power. Although the art is often described asbeing 700 years old, something special happened to a subset of the art around 100 years ago to make it "internal." For those of us who practice the

internal aspect of hsing-i/xingyi, we link it to Taoist yoga and the alchemists of ancient China in order to bring forth a special understanding of our mind
and body.

Hsing-I (xingyiquan) translates as “Mind-Form Boxing.” Often said to be around 700 years old, it is considered the oldest of the classic internal martial arts. Many of the issues discussed in the pages that follow will be controversial.

For example, we will ask why most hsing-i/xingyiquan, most of the time, is not practiced in a truly powerful or effective way. Whether you are new to the art or an expert, we invite you to consider the points and training methods that follow with an open mind. We will discuss how power is trained and why, in many cases, effective use of hsing-i for self-defense is lost, and how you can tap into your body’s hidden power. For the beginner, our goal is to help you as you begin your hsing-i journey. For the expert, we hope that the ideas and discussion that follow will add to your appreciation of the art. First, we begin with an overview of the art: