Xing Yi / Hsing-I (Mind-Form Boxing)

The overwhelming force of a tsunami. The concentrated energy of a laser beam.  Hsing-i, also written xingyiquan, is the old internal martial art of focused power. Although the art is often described as being 700 years old, something special happened to a subset of the art around 100 years ago to make it "internal." That line, the first of the hisng-i traditions to be labeled as "internal" by the famous master Sun Lu-tang in his books published in the 1920s, is the focus of Chi Arts instruction and the hsing-i pages that follows.  TO BE ADDED: LINK TO HSING I AS INTERNAL ALCHEMY- and HSING I POWER AND CLOSE COMBAT DEVELOPMENT


Our Hsing-I Lineage

Cheng Huai-sen (Zheng Huaixien) 2nd from right Nicknamed, “Flying Spear” was one of the six-man, one woman team who demonstrated Chinese martial arts at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Cheng was Ho Shen-ting’s teacher, who taught John Bracy SEE OUR HSING-I LINEAGE

Later we’ll explain why this video is crucial for Hsing-I/ xingyiquan as well. If you want your hsing-i /xingyiquan to be powerful and deceptively dangerous, YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO:  (DON’T BE A SHEEP. DARE TO STEP AWAY FROM THE MASSES OF COMMON PRACTITIONERS)

ARTICLE and Videos (in development): .......... Making your Hsing-i/ xingyi more powerful, effective and "Internal"