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Our Beijing Lineage, 1917


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Qigong (ch’i-kung) training and tips for the elite athlete. Mind-Body mastery shortcuts that will amaze you. Feel your internal energy stronger and clearer than ever before!

Instructors, 1983

Founded by John Bracy in 1976, the instructors of the Chi-Arts association offer the most advanced training available in the internal martial arts, Qigong (ch’i-kung), Taoist yoga and other traditions.

Instructors, 2016

Now Availble: The most complete book ever written on the topics of qi (ch'i) energy, ki, shakti and prana

“Encyclopedic in Nature; Massive in Impact”                   “A Powerful tool for self-healing”

In this powerful guide, John Bracy—martial arts master, international instructor, and author of Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Internal Martial Arts—shares his life-long collection of research, lore, and personal notes to reveal the meaning behind, and secrets of, internal energy. Follow the East/West quest from ancient secret traditions to modern-day practices and scientific investigations to uncover the meaning of “subtle” (“internal”) human energy.

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