"Encyclopedic in nature. Massive in impact."

Discover how holistic intention and internal coherence optimizes, and empowers, your mind-body potential, explored in context of:

  • The healing force of the non-contact healer
  • The internal power of the t’ai-chi ch’üan and aikido master
  • The prana of the yogi
  • The enlightenment of the Buddhist monk
  • The “inner heat” of the Tibetan tantric master
  • The qi energy tapped by the acupuncturist and qigong practitioner
  • The mana of the Hawaiian shaman
  • The source of influence for those who practice conscious intention
  • The transmutation of sexual energy practiced by tantric masters and the Taoist alchemist
  • Cutting edge mind-body technology for the elite athlete, and more

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Why this technique is valuable to me.

One of the most frustrating things about being “sick” is passivity. It’s no fun to sit idly by while waiting to see if you either will get worse, or improve, or just sit there and wait for whatever cough or other medicine / herbs / supplements to “work.”   In my experience, this technique allows me to mentally interact with my body in a more powerful and active way.


When I apply the Heart-Pulse Method described here to the upper / center of chest, I feel immediate deepening of breath. I feel my lungs relax as breathing becomes easier. At the same time, I often feel less stress in the area of the heart.  In the past, when faced with cough or flu symptoms, within a few minutes or less of applying the technique, it is easier for me to breathe.  Often any sinus/ lung congestion symptoms (especially if caught early) disappear completely after only a few minutes of practice.  When I feel stress or tension in the area of my upper chest, I often focus on the technique as I fall asleep. For me, the technique provides an overall calming feeling.