Your Best

Be open to the idea ... that a few simple tips can greatly increase your efficiency, speed, and overall mind-body power.

  Learn why the art of training your bio-rhythms to become harmonious (entrained/ coherent) is a game changer. This is the single greatest secret that will help you and your students discover new magical power.  It explains (and physically demonstrates) the true secret of effortless power that many of us have searched for, for a long, long time. Other shortcuts are equally impressive. For example, Taoist breathing arts trigger internal massage waves that allow you to master your body in new ways. Directed by the mind through intent, those internal massage waves spread, as directed, to heal the body and tap dormant power. The study of tensegrity is another important area. That practice involves learning to stand and move in new, more powerful ways. You will be amazed by what you can do when you discover how to identify and correct your former lazy body habits. Along that journey, you will learn that the way you (mostly unconsciously) hold and move your body has profound implications for what you can accomplish.  As only one, of many examples, the way a person holds his head in relation to the neck can drastically improve reaction time. But, that is only the beginning.  That one example separates the master meditator, qigong practitioner, and top athlete from the average practitioner. Read more and prepare yourself; some amazing new breakthroughs are just around the corner.