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Are incorrect / bad posture habits blocking your power?

A serious training mistake that affects many Internal Martial Artists:

Internal Martial Art Mastery Defined

Internal Martial Training Principles

Increase efficiency, speed, and overall power.

Are your operating at full potential?  Most people are not. Unlock your full potential when you synchronize your bio-rhythms 

 1 Training your bio-rhythms to become harmonious (entrained/ coherent) is a game changer. No joke.  It may be single greatest secret weapon that will help you and your students discover new and high level of  power and performance.  It is the true secret of effortless power that many of us have searched for.  Other shortcuts are equally impressive.

2. For example, Taoist breathing arts trigger internal massage waves
within the body. Directed by the mind through intent, those internal
massage waves spread, as directed, to heal the body and tap dormant
power.  Links to Breathing Discussions on our website: 

John Blofeld’s notes on Taoist Breathing Arts (from the early 1930s)  Blofeld traveled throughout the mountains of pre-Communist China and made notes on Taoist yoga and immortality practices. His book, The Secret & Sublime is essential reading for anyone interested in these practices.

Essential and Secret Taoist Breathing Arts Start Here



3. Tensegrity is another important area. That practice involves learning to stand and move in new, more body-connected way.

4. Once identified, addressing lazy body habits can be corrected.

5. For most of us, most of the time, the way you (mostly unconsciously) hold and move your body has profound implications for what you can accomplish.  For example, changing the way a person holds his head in relation to the neck can drastically improve reaction time.

But, that is only the beginning.  That one example separates the master meditator, qigong practitioner, and top athlete from the average practitioner.