Martial arts

John Bracy Discusses Two Principles of Internal Power Training

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 / "Eight Diagram Palm"Ba Gua Zhang ("Eight Diagram Palm"), Internal Martial Arts as neidan Taoist Inner Alchemy and Taoist Yoga, Making your Martial Arts MORE effective, the Chen Hsing & Yung Wei Close Combat Systems, T'ai-chi (taijiquan) as close combat art, and xingyi/ hsing-i ("mind-form boxing).

Ba Gua Zhang, also written baguazhang and pa-kua chang is the only martial art specifically designed for simultaneous defense against multiple opponents. The pages on internal martial arts as inner alchemy will ask questions concerning the “softening of the internal martial arts,” and how, when, and why these arts became “yogic” and the practice of “inner alchemy.” The “Making your Internal Martial Art more Effective” section is a collection of articles and white papers by Master John Bracy that are designed to help ALL internal martial artists –– whether beginner or very advanced –– understand, and improve, the practice of art; those pages includes suggestions for new ways to appreciate and enhance your IMA practice.

The Chen Hsing & Yung Wei pages describe the two close combat systems developed by John Bracy; Chen Hsing is an art combining principles from hsing-i/xingyi, bagua,t’ai-chi/taiji, and internal Shaolin.