John Bracy, Founder

John Bracy, 2020

Practicing Hsing-I / xingyiquan "Tiger Style"
in front of Yu Fei's burial tomb, Hangjuo, China 1995

Sparring, 1982

Plaque presented to Shrfu Bracy by Hsing Chen students, 1989 (sorry about poor quality photo/ will replace)

John Bracy is a gifted trainer, teacher, and highly ranked martial artist, Shrfu (master teacher) John Bracy began his martial art training in 1968. Over the subsequent decades he became a world class authority on both the Chinese internal martial arts and alternative approaches to healing and recovery. Author of Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Internal Martial Art, John works along martial arts and other athletes to awaken their greater potential. An expert is spotting dysfunctional body habits that limit athletes, he often works with medical doctors and chiropractors to assist pain and rehabilitation patients. His soon to be published new book is expected to be an essential text text the subjects of qi,ch'i, prana, and "internal energy" by other names. As one reviewer writes, "it will have a massive impact."

John in front of his Martial Art School, 1984

John Bracy teaching hsing-i chuan/ xingyiquan retreat in 1989

In 1976, John founded what would become the Hsing Chen and Chi-Arts martial arts associations. John’s study and teaching encompasses more than 45 years of experience in ba gua zhang, yang style tai-chi ch’uan, Yi family style internal shaolin, and hsing-i ch’uan. Admitted as a formal “inner door” disciple of two traditions, John was accepted
by noted ba gua master Liu Xinghan at the founding place of the art, Beijing, China.  The second admission involved the formerly secret Eight Diagram Society of Taiwan; in 1993 John received an eighth-degree instructor ranking from the Taiwan association.  Other martial arts credentials include being the first Westerner to receive a coaching license from the Beijing Full Contact Fighting Association in 1988.

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