Master your Mind-Body as an Electromagnetic System

Important: The pages that follow focus on an often neglected (mostly lost) aspect of training: the development and expression of subtle bio-electromagnetic fields to augment internal martial art skill. However, these presentations are not meant to support the belief held by some, that a practitioner can magically apply a superhuman power to (without physical effort or technical skill) defeat an adversary.

These pages do argue that a subtle energetic force exists that can merge with physical skill to influence an opponent.

Also note, high level skill defining “mastery” is found in presentations by teachers who are expert at using very light, but highly skilled leverage to subdue an opponent with no mention or reliance on “energy.” However, I believe “energy”  skill is, will be, the natural progression of subtle skill when posture and body mechanics are correct. 

Examples of subtle touch to control an opponent can be seen in this DVD:

  • It changes the way a strike is delivered

Contact with an Opponent - while in the optimal mind-body "Chi" state -weakens your opponent

The Experience of "Chi" will forever change the Way you Practice

How practice becomes yogic, deep meditation & Prayer

Scientists are now studying how a person in this state can influence a room or nearby group of people (making an oppoent less effective)