Internal Power; Master the Internal Martial Arts

The Internal Martial Practice

A pugilistic method can be clumsy, or it can be sophisticated. Fighting skill can be used as a cudgel or refined through subtle bio-mechanics and leverage in the manners of Bruce Lee or Muhammed Ali.

The Continuum of Power & Effect in the internal martial arts (IMA) can be expressed in two ways. The first is based on body mechanics that follow specific rules. The second is associated with subtle skill aspects of IMA such as sensitivity, neutralization, and “internal energy.”

What makes "Internal Power" different and special?

 “Internal power” or FA JIN is not a super power. But it does add important elements to normally understood athletic ability –– and the term has a special meaning in the internal martial arts (IMA). There are different understandings of what fa jin means and definitions can start to get tricky. To understand fa jin and how to use this to supplement your athletics and/ or internal martial arts, terms come in to play such as Qi, “mind,” and “intention.” 

"INTERNAL POWER" is real. It does work in real combat--and you can learn how. The pages that follow will help guide your journey.

Video: TWO types of internal power striking in the internal martial arts (below)

the mind as electric magnetic force that merges w physical body