Internal Power; Master the Internal Martial Arts

The Kind of Internal Power we are talking about:

There are different kinds of power. The most common “power” is that exhibited by top athletes. It is generated by commonly accepted rules of body mechanics. Size, strength and athletic ability play important roles in that kind of power.  That kind of power is also associated with a larger and physically stronger person –– it’s the raw strength of a superior athlete. While not discounting that kind of power, the following pages describe another kind of power called “internal power.”

What makes "Internal Power" different and special?

 “Internal power” or FA JIN is not a super power. But it does add important elements to normally understood athletic ability –– and the term has a special meaning in the internal martial arts (IMA). There are different understandings of what fa jin means and definitions can start to get tricky. To understand fa jin and how to use this to supplement your athletics and/ or internal martial arts, terms come in to play such as Qi, “mind,” and “intention.” 

Although few "masters" (in the West or East) can show it these days, "INTERNAL POWER" is real. It does work in real combat. The pages that follow will give you what you need to understand and master it.

In addition, there are physical foundations for “internal power in the Chinese internal martial arts (IMA). Independent of “internal energy,” these also add to what makes IMA work in real combat.   The Physical and Internal Energy aspects go together.  The Physical principles will also be explained in the pages that follow.