Types of training and classes offered. In person group or private classes (where available),* Individual on-line video training, long distance learning (rented or purchased video training and remote coaching with one or more of our licensed instructors) and an On-line instructor credential program (follow a step-by-step program that trains you to be credentialed in Chi-Arts Association of the martial, meditative, or healing arts

*See the list of many of our instructors and their location on this page: https://chiarts.com/contact-us/

Featured Programs and Specialty Areas

Extend Awareness

Taoist Breathing Arts (gain greater control of the movement of “breath” in the body)  See Intro to Taoist Breathing Arts video

Taoist forms of Energetic Meditation

Qigong (ch’i-kung) Learn to understand, feel, and even “see” energy fields that move through, and around, the body

Martial Arts

Ba Gua Zhang (baguazhang/ pa-kua chang)

T’ai-chi Ch’uan (taijiquan)

Hsing-I Ch'uan (xingyiquan)

Internal Shaolin

Street Self-defense and survival

Working with, and helping, others

Sensitivity training teaches you to understand the flow, blockages, and challenges of “energy.” 

Identify and Manage the “flow of qi (ch’i)”, body mechanics, body rhythms within the body, and dysfunctional bad habits that “break the flow”

Awaken your Elite

Get  “The Zone.”  Tune your Coherence and Body Rhythm Learn Conscious Control over Normally Unconscious Muscle Groups

Master your Connective Tissue Matrix/ Learn new ways to master the body in our unique step by step process. The connective tissue matrix is the body’s system of fascial and acupuncture meridian bands. Mastery of this area of study is essential for body workers and manual therapists.


Body structure & Bio-Energy realignment

Structure and optimal balance
Movement efficiency
Energetic balance and communication between various body parts

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Areas of Study: 

·      Martial art / MMA / or street self-defense training 

·      Improve my Athletic Ability (high level athlete)

·      improve my Athletic Ability (Beginner through medium level ability)

·      Learn more about sensing and working with my internal energy (for my own practice)

·      Learn more about sensing and working with internal energy (as a healer or teacher)

·      I want to learn to spot bio-mechanic or other bad habits in other people

·      I want to identify dysfunctional body habits (bad habits that are hurting my performance)

·      I'm not sure, but I want to start with a personal evaluation, please send that info.

·      T'ai-chi (taiqiquan) or ch'i-kung (qigong)

·      I want to learn more about distant learning -- I want suggestions about what to start with

·      I want to master my body rhythms

·      I want info on practices that will help me calm down and stay centered (especially under stress)

·      I want to learn more about how to master my body rhythms

·      I want to learn new (alternative) ways to deal with chronic pain or other issues (for example, chronic migraines)

·      I've studied martial arts in the past, but now I want to try out the "softer" or "internal" martial arts

I want to learn to feel, understand, and use my "internal energy" in my martial arts or MMA practice.