We are building a collection of memories of our instructors and students from Chi-Arts and Hsing Chen. Photos and videos from our beginning in 1976 to fond memories today.  Past and present students are invited to send theirs in to The current list includes Sifu John Bracy in front of his studio in 1984, stills of Liu Xinghan and his ba gua "brother," Wang Wenguei (circa 1976), shots of beach training at the Baja training camp in the 1980s and more.

John Bracy in front of his martial arts school, circa 1984

John Bracy (in xingyiquan/ hsing-I Ch'uan's "Tiger Style") at Yu Fei's tomb, Hangzhou, China, circa 1995

Counter-opposing tensional lines- Diagram from John Bracy’s new book: The Search for Mind-Body Energy

John Bracy's teacher, Ho Shen-ting visits California studio (1984)

Ryan Rundle training with Jose Caceres in Miami, August 2020

Sifu John long staff combat practice. Baja California instructor retreat.  Circa 1985

Master Liu Xinghan (far left) with ba gua lineage brothers, circa 1923

Garrett Tucker and Matt Reardon ocean surf combat circa 2013

Ryan Rundle after certificate after ba gua lineage disciple (6th generation) certificate

John Bracy demonstrating kung fu around 1980

Fernando demonstrating Open Embrace Posture

Advanced Student Graduation 1987

Instructors at 2016 Event/Graduation

Graduates with Master Park visiting
from South Korea 2017

Instructor / Adv Instructor Training Class 2018-2020

Advanced Student Graduation 1987

Kung Fu Memories: Baja California Ocean / Surf Training mid 1980s