Internal Power DVD

About our DVD: Internal Power in the Martial arts part I: "Neutralizing Force"

Our "Internal Power in the Martial Arts" DVD will radically change how you think about the power and potential of the"soft" internal martial arts. 27 minutes long, and presented in four easy to understand lessons, Master John Bracy shares with you one of the most important secrets of the internal martial arts: the secret of effortless power and how to defeat the opponent with only a few ounces of force.

Also included: demonstrations by senior Ba Gua instructor Tony Costa, the training of a more junior "instructor-in-training" so that the viewer can see a range of levels working with the material, rare footage of two highly regarded Chinese internal masters and brief glimpse into John's next volume: The art of very close distance knock out power.

All for the extremely low price of $39.00 USD -

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