How Virtual Training Works

What is Virtual Training? This low cost subscription service is great way to train. Now, anywhere in the world, serious students of the internal martial arts can log in and study, research and compare information on topics such as "Why circle in Ba Gua Zhang?" or how to develop more power by studying advanced aspects of the ribcage (intercostal) muscles. SEE ENTIRE CATALOG ON OUR ON-LINE STORE.

There are two ways to VIRTUAL TRAIN.

1. 30 day subscriptions. The subscriptions you ordered (with expiration date) displays on your personal log-in page. That's right, your personal page that only you have access to. Use your page to view your lessons any time you want. THREE EASY STEPS TO GET STARTED [CLICK HERE] ADD LINK HERE

2. DVD, video lesson and PDF purchase

Write more and give examples of DVD and PDF purchases

What about the cost?

Most lessons are very inexpensive.r "Virtual Training" is a subscription service available for a thirty day period. Subscriptions consist of a "training" or "training group" of valuable, but at the same time very low cost, lessons designed for the following levels:

beginner, intermediate, advanced and very advanced students. For best results, it is recommended that you order within the level guidelines.

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