Ancient Taoist Pulse Work for ch’i-kung (qi gong) & meditation

Ancient Taoist pulse work for meditation and Taoist yoga. 8 page download.


Ancient Taoist Pulse Work for ch’i-kung (qi gong) & meditation

8 page instructional guide to Ancient Taoist Pulse work  – 3 download limit

from the PDF:

Passive Yoga and the Heartbeat

The notion of working with the pulse as a mind-body training is an ancient Taoist technique. As Ishida explains, observing the pulse is a form of working with the body’s “protective and constructive energies:” [i]

One can imagine the pulse as the waves of the various fluids flowing around the body. It is in these waves, sent out originally from the heart, that the spirit takes up its residence. [ii]

[i] Ishida, Hidemi, “Body and mind: The Chinese perspective” Taoist meditation and longevity techniques, Livia Kohn (Editor) Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, 1989 p. 56.

[ii] Ishida


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