Posture, the Thymus, and "Life Energy"

(From new book, Section IX)

The Influence of Posture on the Thymus and “Life Energy”

These images compare John Diamond’s “High Thymus” “Mother’s Gesture” with a common qigong “Open Embrace” posture. According to Diamond, the “high thymus” gesture shown on the left strengthens the body’s immune system and balances the body’s life force energies. Illustrated by the right photo, qigong and t’ai-chi practitioners often use variations of the posture shown as a standing meditation, or as a t’ai-chi preparatory exercise. (Note: since preparing this section of the present work, the standard “open embrace” posture shown on the right has been modified in our organization’s classes to reach more outward and, thus, be more “open.”)

                  Left image from John Diamond, MD’s Life Energy