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Section II

Section III

Box 3-9 "Working with Resonance"

Box 3-13

Intermediate work with Signal

Box 3-18 More Advanced Studies of Signal
& Movement

Box 3-23 "Wai San He" (Three Outer Relationships) Energetics

Box 3-28 "Opening the Shoulder Joints"

Section VII

Box 7-12 Ba Gua Zhang "Soft Hands"

Box 7-14: 2-Man Practice of the
Nanjing Central Martial Art Academy

Section XI

Box 11-28 "Block-Tensegrity Training"
and "Athletic Connection"

Box 11-33 Tensional Strength applied thru
a Relaxed Body

Box 11-35: Suspension Training while in Movement

Section XII

Box 12-11: "Massaging" the Near Reactive Field

Box 12-19 Using Magnetic Fields and "Disruptive Information" against an opponent