The Meaning of Mastery:

How I define it; how I work on it. Page 2

By John Bracy

2. My Working Assumption

THE FOLLOWING IS BASED ON MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Yours may — and probably will–vary

A demonstration that approaches the kind of mastery we are talking about comes with distinctive feelings for the practitioner.  When everything comes together just right, this presentation pushes ––and attempts to cross the line –– beyond normal (as presently understood) rules of bio-mechanics and force. Finding the right words to explain this seems impossible, but the experience can be summarized as the place where intention and “mind” begin to interact — or commingle —  with physical mechanics.  These blend to form a new kind of experience.  It’s as though time and normally accepted physical rules start to merge and shift.

Consider the two videos that are included on this page. For both of those demos, I worked with, and explored that joyous feeling where I was able to touch a little bit of that “mastery.” The first one was recorded a while ago. The second took place before I figured out to heal myself from a very serious back and hip injury and I was very overweight. In both, my experience was that I was working with intention commingled with electromagnetic energy fields that seemed to have a weakening influence on my “attackers.”

Please enjoy and reflect on the material.  On page 3, we will talk about theory, mindset, and other discussions that might start to explain some forms of what internal energy in the martial arts

Although it’s challenging to convey these experiences through normal language, once THE MARTIAL ARTIST EXPERIENCES IT, HE OR SHE CAN NEVER GO BACK TO THEIR OLD WAY OF PRACTICE.

The experience has a palpable electrical-magnetic feeling to it.  It is something everyone is capable of.  We are all called to be “masters.” As I will try to explain later, because the practice transforms the individual, it has implications far beyond self-defense.