The primary rule: An attacker, or group of attackers, is not going to stand still for you as you apply a series of fancy turns, locks and throws. Real close combat is chaotic. In a real fight you do not have the time or predictability to set yourself in a wide stable stance. To survive a serious fight, you must be able to turn quickly on a dime to deal with a very fast and changing situation. Your opponent will not stand in one place as you attempt to apply your skills on him. Failure to understand this primary rule is why most internal martial artists –– Ba Gua, Hsing-I & T’ai-Chi –– cannot use their art in a real fight.


The problem:  For more than a hundred years, most Chinese martial arts have not been tested in real combat. [link: Why].

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The result: Over that time, and especially during those periods where practical fighting arts were illegal to be studied or openly practiced in China, the IMA became show, dance and an exercise for old people. As real combat knowledge was lost, practitioners focused on silk uniforms and making their art look pretty. .As stances deepened and became balanced, the practical fight knowledge of previous generations became lost.

The result: Most IMA teachers today–– even in China –– cannot use their martial art in a serious fight. Let’s fix that so that, once again internal martial arts is respected as a fighting art.

The Vertical Spring: Quick turning and Power Delivery from a Short Distance

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