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The first stuff we'll be discussing: Deeper secrets of the meridians

Welcome by John Bracy

Hi there fellow Ba Gua (baguazhang) or internal martial arts practitioner!

I’ll be writing and organizing most of these pages on my own and then Sean or Ryan will put them up as they are ready.  Note, I ’m working on these pages between video editing, other writing, and teaching, so there will be gaps in the flow of new material. Please be patient.  The first presentation of these Master & Expert only pages will cover lost/ hidden secrets of the meridians.

I’ll be describing how they work as myofascial springs that, when properly triggered, develop the expression of power as demonstrated with the internal punching shown on this video (especially at 25 mins)

 PLEASE SEND YOUR QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS. I’ll be adding them to pages as we work with, and discuss, the material.  To maintain your privacy, your comments/ questions will either be signed with your first initial only or no signature, depending on your preference.

Important.  I will explain more as we get into the discussion (and I would love to hear your thoughts if you have a different opinion), but I believe that “fulcrums” too easily form in the body that break the natural flow of movement and Qi/ internal energy — which basically mean the meridians can’t work right.

In this light, I highly recommend that you study the trailer or full video available for purchase, below. It describes how effective use of the art we practice has been lost (based on “spring” vs. “fulcrum” orientation), and what we can do about it.  HERE’S THE TRAILER. PURCHASE THE FULL VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE  (For $20 off, use promotion code:  BIGDISC3PILLARRS  )

For master or expert level practitioners, beyond the Spring vs. Fulcrum concepts presented in the video, the “fulcrums” that tend to form in the shoulder, back or hips, also block the practitioner’s access to springy myofascial meridian flow and power.  More on this soon.



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