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Ba Gua Zhang, also written baguazhang and Pa Kua Chang translates as "Eight Diagram Boxing."

Dong Hai-Chuan, Founder of Ba Gua Zhang (also written baguazhang and Pa Kua Chang)

Learn the Eight Diagram Palm now! -- Concepts, principles and how to study

Developed in the late 1800s by founder Dong Hai-Chuan, the Eight Diagram Palm, in Chinese called Ba Gua Zhang (abbreviated as Ba Gua and also written Pa Kua Chang and baguazhang) is the only martial art specifically designed for simultaneous defense against multiple opponents. It is an "internal" martial art which means emphasis is placed on development of intention, subtlety and the use of chi or internal energy against an opponent, as opposed to brute strength. [READ MORE - The late Maste Liu Xing-han's introduction to Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art ]

[Click here for Ba Gua combat demonstrations]

[Click here for Master John Bracy demonstrations of "Snake Gua" applications]

For the advanced martial artist, for Ba Gua practitioner with previous training. LEARN MORE STARTING NOW! [for this section, add new page and free lessons on stepping issues and proper b.g. hand position for combat)

● Correct hand position for combat ● Video demonstration of Ba Gua hand angle ● Step training to help your Ba gua combat

For the beginne/ intermediate: Two basic issues that will help you master Ba Gua