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“One Point Mind” (watch trailer) defines mastery. For close combat, how many forms a person knows is not important. However,  the practitioner’s ability to focus power and intention to a single point (especially while in the midst of chaos) is very important. This ability should be the most important goal of IMA practitioners. 18th century Warrior-Scholar Chang Naizhou (乃周):

To issue Qi (Ch'i) is a three-step process of concentrating, withdrawing, and then releasing qi, training the qi by combining softness with hardness, and focusing the body’s energy to a single point (1)

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(1)  Wile, Douglas, Tai-chi ancestors: The making of an internal martial art, Sweet Ch’i Press, New City, NY    Chang’s mid 1700s training manual is a blend of traditional Taoist meditation, alchemy, and martial arts, which Professor Douglas Wile describes as a “fully mature synthesis of martial arts with military strategy, medicine and meditation.” 


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