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Administration and Virtual Training manager: Ryan email:

John Bracy - Master Teacher and author of Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art and soon to be published work on the development of internal energy and internal power.

Semi-retired. Video and In-person Instruction available to serious students Beginner through Advanced

in subjects related to the internal martial arts, self-healing, and the development of internal energy.

Close combat training, ba gua (baguazhang), hsing-i chuan (xingyiquan), mind-boxing, meditation, qigong (ch'i kung) . Go to John's Résumé ...........Go to 45 years in the martial art video   email:

Roger Niez     senior instructor  south Orange County, CA and Cleveland, TN

Specializing in internal martial art close combat, Hsing I, Internal Shaolin, chi kung/qi gong

6th Degree licensed instructor Hsing Chen and Chi-Arts. 
Past president, Chi Arts Association
30 years experience in the martial arts
Cleveland (Bradley County), Tennessee (limited availability, Orange County, CA)

Certified in Bodyguard tactics, firearms and executive protection. Roger takes on only a few serious students interested in studying internal power development in qigong (ch'i kung) Hsing I, Internal Shaolin and general internal martial arts mind and body training.

Available to teach seminars, otherwise private clients only: $100- $200 per hour (with occasional lower rate exception for some serious individuals)  email:

Tony Costa.  6th Generation formal lineage holder, Cheng Style ba gua. 4th Degree licensed Instructor Hsing Chen and Chi-Arts. Specializes in Eight Diagram Palm/ Ba Gua Zhang/ Ch'i kung/ qigong/ Taoist meditation and Tai Chi

Private and small group training in Los Angeles, CA      Periodic training available in Boston, MA email:

Evan is a 3rd Degree Licensed Instructor of the Hsing Chen and Chi Arts Associations. He offers private and small group training and specializes in I Chuan, ch'i kung (qi gong), Shaolin sword/ shaolin saber, Internal martial arts, meditation, Taoist breath training, strength and conditioning training.

Rates vary $100-$150 per session (significant discounts offered for lesson packages)  Serious applicants only please apply.  email:

Timur Crone       Oakland, CA and surrounding areas (Bay area)

Coach Timur Crone is a whole person running coach who draws upon his USATF Coaching training, Masters in Counseling Psychology, and Chi Arts Association certification in Taoist Mind-Body Arts. Clients can expect in depth work designed to transform their running into a relaxed, pleasurable experience which far less injuries.

Coach Timur's unique running approach draws from the new approach to biomechanics and gait analysis, which draws from the same advanced physics and anatomical perspective that creates high level martial arts. This perspective allows for a paradigm shifting upgrade to any distance runner's technique and capability. On the psychological side, peak performance and biofeedback techniques drawn from psychology and advanced tai chi and chi kung (qigong) principles improve ease and speed of running as well.

Coach Timur is based in Oakland, California with services to surrounding cities (Bay Area) 


Clients always start with a complementary running date, which is an opportunity to learn a valuable skill while discussing goals and the possibility of working together. At that point, clients may sign up for one season (or 13 one hour sessions). One season of work together allows Coach Timur to see clients through the ups and downs of training while guiding them to a substantially new place as a runner and human.
Check him out at for more information.

Sergio Verdeza

Miami, FL

PRACTICAL AND REALISTIC application of internal martial arts/ Tai Chi to MMA.

Training also available in close combat internal martial arts, ch'i kung/ qigong

Sergio is a licensed instructor in the Hsing Chen and Chi-Arts Associations. His background includes training in jujitsu, judo and MMA coaching. He places emphasis on structure, mindset and a deep understanding of body mechanics

Private and Group training in the Miami area. 

Se Habla Español/  <a href="">Información en Español</a> 


Jose Chi-Arts Association Miami

Jose is a professional MMA fighter and past belt holder/ division champion. He incorporates Internal martial arts, chi kung (qigong) standing practice and stillness training into his training and he loves to share what he has learned with others.

Rates vary between $35 to $65 per hour


Se Habla Español

Associated School and Teacher:

Seongju Park, South Korea    (contact Ryan at the top of this page for email and website address)