Qi Gong / Ch'i Kung for health, healing and internal power

The meaning of ch'i / Qi and internal energy

Internal energy for health and power


What is Qi (Ch'i)

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One challenge to arriving at a concise definition of subtle or internal energy is the multifaceted use of the term. Consider that while in one context internal energy refers to an invisible force underlying the mechanisms of acupuncture, however simultaneously as applied to the art of Asian calligraphy, the internal energy describes the unseen force that animates the strokes of a master and thereby is able to convey the expert’s vital energy to canvas or paper. In still a completely separate usage, consider the placement of pagodas on the Chinese landscape. If old and traditionally placed, the exact location of these were determined by geomancers conversant in the art of feng shui ––literally the arts of “wind and water.” In this example, the pagoda acts as a precisely placed acupuncture needles upon the terrain, which thereby influence the local chi of the environment.