Chi Flow, Body Mechanics, Posture

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Principles of Body Mechanics

Hard vs. soft tissue support

There are two ways the body can hold and support weight. Support by “hard tissue” refers to holding the body by bones or “fulcrums” (see below) that rely on the body “locking” or resting in such a way that muscles, tendons and ligaments are required to do less work.

The issue of hard vs. soft tissue support lies at the core of understanding not only the lack of power in most internal martial artists, but how the internal martial art, in general, deteriorated over the last several generations.

The rule: Soft tissue (fascia, ligament, tendon, muscle) support of the body as opposed to hard tissue (fulcrums created by posture which removes effort from the soft tissue) leads to more healthful support of the body and is the gateway to "internal power" in the martial arts