Our Formal and Informal Ba Gua Zhang Lineages

Dong Hai-chuan, Founder

Formal Lineage*

* Formal = Unbroken formal lineage where the disciple was initiated via formal Confucian ceremony in ritual in the manner prescribed by the founder (informal lineage = a more casual teacher-student relationship)

Cheng Ting-hua

2nd Generation Formally Accepted Lineage Holder

Liu Bin
(in red circle) Formally Accepted 3rd Generation Lineage Holder

Liu Xinghan
Formally Accepted 4th Generation Lineage Holder

John Bracy
Formally Accepted 5th Generation Lineage Disciple

John Bracy's Formally Accepted 6th Generation Lineage Disciples

Chris Gulbrandson      Don Quach       Dr. Zack Gelbaum      Dr. Don Crone       Tony Costa   Kenneth Garrett       Ryan Rundle             Dr. Brad Hughes          Garrett Tucker

Note: Lineage disciple Ryan Rundle, through formal Confucian ceremony, has accepted his own disciple: 7th generation lineage holder Thomas Greensmith

4th Generation lineage masters Liu Xinghan & Wang Wenguei

Some 5th and 6th generation lineage disciples (2nd from left, Jerry Lin, 6th generation disciple visiting from Beijing, China)

Informal Lineage **

**Broken Lineage or Not selected and initiated through formal ritual in the manner described by the Founder, Dong Hai-chuan/ A more casual teacher-student (as opposed to master-disciple) relationship

Cheng Ting-hua

Sun Lu-tang

Famous internal martial art master and author of books on the internal martial arts in the 1920s

Cheng Huai-sen

(Zheng Waisen)

One of the top graduates of the 1920s-1930s Central Martial Arts Academy in Nanjing. Shown in the photo, Master Cheng was part of a small group chosen to present Chinese martial arts at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Ho Shen-ting

John Bracy

Don Quach 6th Generation lineage ceremony in Beijing, China

Some videos of John Bracy demonstrating Ba Gua Zhang can be found on this page: https://chiarts.com/john-bracy-founder/