Ba Gua Zhang (baguazhang/ pa-kua chang) Intermediate

This Page is for:  Those students with some experience and practice of Ba Gua Zhang.  You have a basic idea of the art and whether you trained through a teacher (s) or video, you have a good idea of what the art is about AND YOU WANT MORE DETAILS

Our Biases/ Our core assumptions/ Our goals

Our instructors LOVE Ba Gua, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality instruction.   SOME GREAT INSTRUCTION VIDEOS WILL BE PRESENTED WITHOUT CHARGE.  Other great videos we will charge for.  Here are some of the main things we feel strongly about:

1. The True Art is in danger of being lost.   (For the most part) Ba Gua has not been combat tested for around 100 years. Through our teachings, WE WANT TO HELP SAVE THE ART — whether you are already an instructor
from another line or teacher, or a newer practitioer, WE WANT YOU TO IMPROVE and help us preserve the Art.

Empty-Full (non 50-50 ) stepping

Only WITH correct EMPTY-FULL (non 50-50) Stepping will the student discover the power and energetic secrets of the Internal Martial Arts

It is crucially important that the intermediate-advanced Ba Gua practitioner learn to understand and master the principles of Empty-Full weight distribution.  Your qi/ ch’i will not fully express and your IMA abilities will be limited if you ignore this foundational principle.


The Empty-Full / vertical spine principles are also covered in the following two videos.  (for the first video, see time code 1:58-5:19/ Includes a test that, with the help of a partner, you can use to check for “vertical” Empty-full orientation)

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