Intermediate – Advanced TBT(Tensegrity Block Training) “Tensegrity while in Motion Practice” https://youtu.be/Gw4CmfeRjBY Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Training Intermediate and advanced levels of practice incorporate athletic connection principles while in motion. An example of TBT in motion is ”“shown in Photo 11-34. The photo is of a practitioner moving on a raised platform, in this …

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Taoist Breathing Lesson 2

Temporary:  Taoist Breathing, Lesson 2 (Breath 3) The basis of the “breathing arts” taught by Chi-Arts instructors is conscious control over the diaphragm, rather than mere “breathing” techniques. First, the student learns to control the shape and tension of the diaphragm. In turn, the practitioner learns to use that position control and tension to willfully …

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More: Tensegrity “Block Training” and “athletic connection” (registered users)

More: Tensegrity “Block Training” and “athletic connection”   More from the New Book: As I mentioned earlier, although there is along tradition in some martial artsof practicing in this way while on a raisedplatform, for example on top of a post inthe ground. The Tensegrity-BlockTraining method presented here bringsnew light to raised elevation trainingsince it …

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