Email about the on-line training programs

Ryan, I do appreciate that. John's material is very good. It's filling in the gaps in my knowledge. It also is helping me more fully understand the genius inside of some of the internal exercises I've done for years. Some of them I kept doing on a gut feeling, not fully understanding how it worked but knew the result was very powerful. My hands internal pressure are a lot like john's but I didn't quite have the control mechanism under my belt. Seeing the breathing system has very quickly changed all that to getting the controls to move the pressure to different cavities at will. Look forward to learning more. Your teacher is dotting the eye on the dragon. (This means breathing life into movements that would otherwise be empty)

Michael [an American working in China]

Email from a purchaser of the "Internal Power in the Martial Arts" DVD

I got the DVD last week. Last night I had some of the guys over at my house to watch the DVD and try out the lessons. I have been doing tai chi for about 20 years and bagua for about 8 years. The other guys have been practicing tai chi for over 30 years. We learned more yesterday than we have learned in a long, long time. The guys were very impressed! I want to thank you for sending the DVD to me.
When are the next DVDs coming out?
R.P. Canada

An email to Master Bracy

Dear Shrfu John Bracy

With luck I stumbled upon your website and am in awe of all that I see!

I have 35+ years of experience in all kinds of martial arts from kickboxing, karate to Tai chi and Aikido. My interest is in the essence of the internal arts and it is wonderfull to see someone showing it, explaining it and developing methods for others to practice it. Your skills are clearly phenomenal, I am deeply in awe. What a joy to find your site!

I am currently working as an external physical de-escalation skill trainer in hospitals (psychiatry). My goal is to help the teams to remain clam amidst brutal agression by patients and to find ways to engage with the patients to take over the control when needed. Many times I see the violence escalating because of the fear and tension of the nurses when they decide to separate the patient. These nurses are very interested in learning anything to de-escalate. It is also the new policy to not use painfull joint locks, but to use a humane approach....we developed team techniques and I use an internal boxing technique developed Torsten Kanzmeier, a student from the legendary Helmut Barthel from Germany
(http://tantientschuean.de/tan/boxen_e.html) which I feel is somehow similar to what you developed. mr. Barthel does not share his information easily though) what i use is mainly focussing on the feet at any time and combine mind and relaxation and not moving against...

I am curious if you have ideas to this matter of bringing it into the field of hospital personal to deal with increasing agression.
What training is usefull considering the little time these people take to learn physical skills....

Thank you again for the site, I will begin to explore some of the video's about the internal work

G.S, the netherlands

Block training as a therapy for Widows Hump

Characterized by its bent over posture, the “Widow’s Hump” or “Dowager’s Hump,” primarily affects older women. It is a condition usually occurring by weakening or fracturing of the bones of the upper back.

One 63 year woman reports her experiences with Block Training as a treatment for the Widow’s Hump in the following way:

A few years ago I became aware of my hunched-over widow’s hump. One day my daughter was visiting and was on my case about my back starting to look like a bent-over old lady. I was horrified. I didn’t know what I could possibly do about it. Thank the Lord that my friend John taught me about Block Training. I DIDN’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A BENT OVER OLD WOMAN IN MY ELDER YEARS!

John brought a concrete block from his studio for me to practice on. At first I was very faithful to the practice.Sometimes now I forget and maybe get a little lazy and it really starts to show if I miss a week. But after the first three months the shape of my back actually began to change. Guess what. My eyesight and memory started to improve along with my back. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I even started to remember my dreams. All in all it took about months of daily work before I noticed a big difference in my life all from the Block Training! And even better when, about six months later, my sharp-eyed daughter next came to visit she exclaimed: “Mom! Your back looks better.” What have you been doing? Until I told her, she had no idea that I’ve been doing this new exercise.

Sometimes I forget, but overall I try to practice Block Training daily.
C [Block training / also labelled "tensegrity training" is available as one of our on-line lessons]

"Block Training"

I have purchased your Ba Gua Hidden Knowledge book and tensegrity article and am reaping the benefits. When performing the "block" exercise I can feel almost instantaneously hua jing/tingling sensations in my hands and forearms which indicate I am internally connected. I'm hoping this will speed up the recovery of my chronic lower back, shoulder and neck pain. I also hope to purchase more training lessons via your website.

Naveen United Kingdom

The surprising Power of Bracys Chi Kung training

After doing an early morning session of energy work ( Tai Chi, “standing Spinal meditation,” and Chi Gong)� I pulled on my SUV’s back window to open it and the whole window exploded (see photo)

Really! It was only a little tug and I wasn’t pulling hard. The window blew out right in my hand. The guy next to me at the gas station, not believing what he had just witnessed, stood frozen staring in amazement. I used my smartphone to send Shrfu a picture of my hand, it was deep red-ish-purple-ish color.

We are often advised to be careful if operating a car after some meditation and chi kung classes. Perhaps we should add: use extra caution if handling something that an unexpected jolt of force could break.
Sifu Roger Niez
Senior instructor, 5th Degree
Hsing Chen and Chi Arts Association

We like Chiarts.com on-line training!

I am sure that you have heard this before but the material i have just watched is like gold dust. I am watching the new advanced mechanics [Advanced Principles Knee Mechanics 1 of 2] that Ryan put on my account and it is so vital! Thank you and please keep churning this out, you make it so clear to understand. The biggest problem i have seen in the internal martial arts world is all this talk about chi and somehow magical, but you are breaking it down. From watching and studying i see that it is a lot about very sophisticated internal mechanics!! peace

Just as an aside I recieved my copy of your internal power DVD !Whata fantastic resource !This is such unique material,I've never seen anything quite like it.

Mark (New Zealand)

I have had some training with Shrfu Bracy years back. So I am familiar with some of the principles. We mainly focused on Ba Gua and the 9 Kingdoms. Through the forms I was able to experience some of the Taoist Yoga that I haven't forgotten how effective it is over the years. I also remember how explosive Hsing I is. In any event, this is my way of staying connected to Shrfu's teachings until I can again train with him in person.

Ryan Fowler

To: Chi Arts
Subject: Training
I am interested in the One-point-mind training. Anything that will help me in developing the "frame"---whole body power, rooting, central equilibrium, connecting the body, and moving with the "frame". In summary "Internal Power". This is the "master key" to the internal arts. Tachi, bagua, and Hsing-I are only but a framework or architecture for using a connected body full with internal power.

I would rather spent 2 to 3 years connecting the body and developing root than spent 10 years studying taichi, bagua, or xingi without any internal power. That is the fast way to learn, then put it into any of the internal arts and advance much quicker. My thinking and research tells me that monst people expend on average 20 years to learn and reach a low or elementary level of and internal art, simply because they did have the right instruction to develop "internal power". It should not take that long. I would think that with right instruction it would about 10 years to be proficient on an internal art and longer for mastery.

I wish I had this realization 10 years ago. I began to learn some Chen style tachi, which I like, but stopped practicing when I realized that I was just dancing. Since I stopped, I have been looking for competent instruction on developing Internal Power. However this is quite a challenge since constraints of location, cost, time, finding true instruction makes difficult to learn and advance.

However, I will be satisfied if I can just develop internal power, because it makes one healthy and vibrant. If I ever get to learn an Internal Art, that would be icing on the cake, since I love them all very much.

(follow up email)

  • Hello John:
  • Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my email.
  • I feel that your work and research is ground breaking and of a great value.
  • It is very rare to find a teacher like yourself that is proficient, can demonstrate, and at the same time able to explain many of these internal power concepts in tangible manner. I feel lucky that I came across your work.
  • Please feel free to use my comments in your forum and discussions as you desire.
  • It would be an honor to participate on the testing of you “Connective Body Training Method” video. Please let me know what I can do.
  • I am hoping that in the future I could arrange to visit your school to train with you in a seminar, workshop, or retreat---maybe next year. I live in Denver, Colorado.

Hey Ryan

Many thanks awesome video !! This is really fantastic stuff ! As a “former”wing chun exponent who is moving towards the internal martial arts this approach to training is highly relevant and innovative. I look forward to more information on Wing Wei as it emerges.Is more information on systematic structure training and one point mind training going to be released as part of the master plan ?

Keep up the great work !!

Kind Regards,
Mark P. (New Zealand)

Expression of Gratitude

I hope all is well Shrfu! You continue to be a great inspiration in my life. Though I don't practice as much as I used to (but I am looking into schools up here), I think of your principles and techniques daily and integrate them into my life as often as I can. I hope this finds you well, and please tell those that I know hello for me. Perhaps on my next trip to southern California we could grab lunch if you're free. All my best Shrfu, Ryan Davidson

Feedback on the advanced energy training for combat course

Comment from Hsing Chen Instructor Salvador Camaraza after attending advanced seminar in California:

>Subject: Electric wai san he
>Been playing with it and that shit is bad! Thank you for the lesson.
>It is incredible

Body rhythm training for actors

Body rhythms & acting

John’s instruction of what he calls “the wave” was extremely helpful in my acting career. I learned to consciously tune in to the optimal flex of the cerebrospinal fluid to release areas of habitual tension. This process allows me to arrive at an optimal state of openness, sensitivity and receptivity in my work as an actor and access higher mental (and physical) function.

Alice Krige

Actor (Star Trek's "Queen of the Borg")

"Two Dreams in my life"

Hey John,

thanks for liking my Music! I’ve always had two dreams in life. One was to bring my Music to the States and the other a lifetime search for “The Holy Grail” of the Martial Arts. For the latter I’ve been travelling to the East, living with the Masters. Untill recently, coming across your site, I was always left in the dark when it came to those special feats you saw the Masters of Old perform. I was very surprised to see you do the things I’ve been searching for such a long time..I’ve always wondered why there were so few who could perform their art like the Ancient did.I hope with your help I’ve found some of the answers.


F.L., The Netherlands


When I was 13 years old, I was in an accident involving a semi truck. My legs were seriously injured and, to date (Feb 07), I have had 13 surgeries to repair them. . . .

Eight months after I started training, I was no longer taking the powerful painkillers I had come to depend on and the constant pain in my foot and knee had lessened considerably.

[ READ MORE / or watch video of Ryan a few months after knee replacement surgery]

Pain Relief

I’m almost 62 years old. For about ten years I suffered from carpel-tunnel syndrome and related issues that I would describe in terms of pain that was both dull and tingling. Before that I used to be able to do restaurant work but I began to have pain when knitting and everything else that involves dexterity, problems lifting anything. and it began to bother me even when driving a car.

I received an energy balance treatment from John about six months ago that helped tremendously. The treatment involved putting pressure on acupuncture points on my ankles and having me breath into the points as he was putting pressure on them. The therapy involved me lying down on my back with hands outstretched to the side.
My entire body shook during the treatment. Starting first with both my hands trembling, the shaking then spread to my whole body.

Since that treatment, I have been mostly pain free and when I need it I can recreate some of the shaking and feeling of opening up my energy channels. Although John’s treatment was somewhat painful, I’m blown away from the whole experience and mostly enjoy a pain free state.