6th generation Ba Gua lineage ceremony photos, story and video

Kenneth Garrett and Tony Costa accepted as formal ba gua zhang lineage disciples.

Instructors Kenneth Garrett and Tony Costa admitted as 6th Generation Disciples of Ba Gua Zhang

On August 12, 2012 Fifth and Sixth generation Formal Lineage Ba Gua Zhang disciples met at the Chi Arts/ Hsing Chen training facility in Laguna Beach, California to welcome two new formal members into the elite "Inner Door Disciple" Following the prescribed manner established by Founder Dong Hai-chuan to accept disciples into the "Inner Door" of the art, the ceremony, conducted by Fifth generation formal lineage holder John Bracy represented continuation of an ancient tradition and admitted Tony Costa and Kenneth Garrett and 6th generation disciples of the art. Adopted and systematized into the Ba Gua Art as the procedure to accept Disciples in the late nineteenth century, the Confucian ceremony witnessed by lineage holders, instructors, students and guests is rare.


Tony Costa presented with Ba Gua lineage certificate by Master Teacher John Bracy

New formal disciples Kenneth Garrett and Tony Costa perform Ba Gua demonstration

Instructor Michael Junge welcomes visitors and witnesses

Kenneth Garrett presents formal request in the tradition "red paper" tradition

Jerry Lin, visiting from Beijing, China discusses Ba Gua training in Beijing