Mission Statement

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Linked to authentic lineage and tradition from China and Taiwan, the Chi Arts Association is a consortium of instructors centered in the Los Angeles area with important branches in Orange County, California, Miami and Portland, Oregon and associated schools in South Korea

Dedication: 1) Research and preservation of the Taoist internal energy martial and healing traditions

2) Advancement of principles contributing to mastery of mind and body

Commitment: Pursuit and instruction of evolved, advanced forms of mind, body, spirit martial and healing arts, particularly

Affiliated with: Beijing China Ba Gua Zhang Research Association
Beijing Full Contact Fighting Association
Taiwan Pa Kua Clan (Eight Diagram Gate) Association

Founded by master John Bracy in 1976, the goal of the Hsing Chen and Chi Arts Association is to awaken serious students to the lost secrets of the masters of the internal traditions of health and empowerment. Focus is placed on understanding and use of internal energy of Tai Chi and Taoist yogic masters, healing power of ancient breath training technique, posture and body rhythms. Our goal: merge these along with positive emotions of harmony, joy and compassion to activate advanced consciousness potential that, when linked to correctly understood body mechanics, provides for self-healing and light, effortless control of an opponent.