Founding Master, John Bracy

Master John Bracy with instructor staff, 1983

John Bracy founded what was to grow into the Hsing Chen and Chi Arts Associations in 1976

John is a highly ranked master in the Chinese internal martial art tradition and published author. His more than 45 years of study and teaching of the martial arts includes Ba Gua Zhang (also written baguazhang and Pa Kua Chang), Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan), Yi Family style internal Shaolin and Hsing I Chuan (xingyiquan). His credentials include admission as a formal "Inner Door" disciple in Ba Gua in Beijing, the founding place of the art as well as a disciple of the formerly secret Pa Kua Clan, a martial art society based in Taiwan. He holds an eighth degree instructor rank in the Taiwan Eight Diagram Gate society and is a licensed coach of the Beijing Full Contact Martial Art Association. More details are included below the video.

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In Brief:

1967 John began martial art training

1974-1977 Active duty U.S. Marine Corps

1976 Opened first martial art studio

1981 B.A., Psychology, CSU Long Beach

1981-1982 Graduate exchange student, Feng Chia University, Tai-Chong, Taiwan

1981 Awarded Licensed Instructor and Advisor certification, Pa Kua Society, Taiwan

1981 Accepted as Formal Inner Door Disciple by Master Yi Te-Kuen, Taiwan

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1985 Awarded 7th Degree Instructor certification in Taiwan

Master John Bracy standing next to certificate of formal Ba Gua Zhang lineage presented in 1988, Beijing, China

1988 Accepted as Formal 5th generation lineage disciple of Ba Gua Zhang by Master Liu Xing -han during formal Confucian ceremony in Beijing, China

Attendees of Master Bracy's formal lineage ceremony, Beijing, China 1988

Plaque awarded by Hsing Chen teachers and students, 1989

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1994 Awarded 8th Degree Instructor Rank, Pa Kua Martial Art Society , awarded by Grand Master Yi Te-kuen

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John teaching a seminar in South Korea, 1996

Licensed instructors attending Sept 2015 Instructor graduation

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