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Our Beijing Lineage, 1917

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John Bracy discusses two principles of Internal Power Training

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Linked to authentuc lineage and tradition from China and Taiwan, the Chi Arts Association is a consortium of instructors and training centers in the Los Angeles area with important branches in Orange County, California, Miami, New York, Northern California and with associated schools in South Korea

Instructors, 1983

Instructors, 2016

Coming Soon: The most complete book ever written on the topics of qi (ch'i) energy, ki, shakti and prana

In this powerful guide, John Bracy—martial arts master, international instructor, and author of Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Internal Martial Arts—shares his life-long collection of research, lore, and personal notes to reveal the meaning behind, and secrets of, internal energy. Follow the East/West quest from ancient secret traditions to modern-day practices and scientific investigations to uncover the meaning of “subtle” (“internal”) human energy.

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