Box 7-5: Demonstrations of practitioners using "entrainment" (coherence) in Close-Combat Practice

Upon attaining this special kind of harmony between biological rhythms, a martial arts practitioner (or other athlete) becomes more efficient. Later, it will be described how some of my martial arts students and I tested entrainment in mock combat. The results that we observed through our informal research suggest that this bio-rhythm harmonic state allows an individual with at least moderate skill to prevail against an opponent in an exceptionally efficient, often expert way, as if the former had studied a decade, or more, longer.

If this observation is supported by further research and experimentation, it is revolutionary for two reasons. First, because of the way that the mind-body state, when linked with physical skill, defines the abilities of the top athletes, and second, because it functions as the long sought-after secret of advanced performance, allowing medium and high-level athletes to quickly advance to world-class status in their respective endeavors. In short, it becomes a state of internal harmony that allows a person with only a modicum of skill to perform in a masterful way. A video demonstration of the principle, applied to mock combat practice, can be viewed from the link shown in Box 7-5.