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Magnetic Resonance

As in the example cited in Photo 3-8, a common report by practitioners engaging in regular practice with an open mind is the sense of magnetic resonance between their open hands. Sometimes, the sense of magnetic energy between the open palms can be very strong, perhaps even to the degree that it seems as though the two open palms cannot be pushed together. I have heard first-hand accounts by those who claim this was their experience, and for them, for a few moments or longer, it was impossible to join their palms together. In these kinds of examples, one's personal experience associated with signal can be especially intense. The notion that the body possesses magnetic fields, or at least what is perceived as magnetic fields, that can be engaged with and consciously manipulated is an important point. At this juncture, it is useful to include a few comments on the meaning of these sorts of sensations in and around the body.

The Meaning of Magnetic-like Sensations

One of the more important clues that may help us reveal the meaning of “internal energy” has to do with the practitioner's experience of magnetic fields within the body, as it appears that all advanced practitioners of the “energetic traditions” experience the sense of magnetic centers or pulses within their bodies. Referring back to citations included in Chapter One, there is a long record of descriptions of a relationship between the experience of magnetism and “energy.” One example noted there is that of nineteenth-century scientist von Reichenbach, who believed that a person could deliberately direct a magnetic field external to the body. Likewise, there was an entire class of scientists during the Renaissance who, referring to themselves as magnetists, focused their research toward the meaning of the mind-body “magnetic fields.”


The theory that a strong magnetic field could be generated by an individual is expressed by Jan Baptista van Helmont, who postulated that the vital effluence radiated from every object in the universe, and it is not insignificant that he referred to this as his “great secret.” Like van Helmont, many of the most well-known energetic healers through history attributed their gifts to an ability to become sensitive to their body’s magnetic resonance fields. Consider the exploits of Valentine Greatlakes, also cited in Chapter One, who was documented for his ability to heal otherwise incurable maladies; it seems more than coincidental that he referred to his healing technique as “magnetic stroking.” Later, we will address how the ability to consciously emit a large bioelectrical field is one of the criteria relied upon by modern era investigators researching the possibility that a person can mentally direct non-physical healing powers.


Two points summarize the preceding paragraphs. First, that no matter how “internal energy” will eventually come to be defined, mastery over the enigmatic force will be associated with the control over the kinds of magnetic-like feelings we've been talking about. Secondly, the most direct way of developing conscious control over that mysterious internal energy is through working with the “signal” as a biofeedback system.

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