Section III: Box 3-9 "Working with Resonance"


During this stage, the practitioner identifies subtle sensations in the body that will allow them to consciously interact with their perception of “energy.” Subsequently, the practitioner begins to gain some degree of conscious control over certain aspects of the normally unconscious autonomic nervous system. An example of progress at this stage is the practitioner’s ability to intentionally increase blood supply to the legs, which is indicated by increased warmth in the area. A link to a training video created by a practitioner working with signal is included in Box 3-9.  (Read more in Section III, Chapter 10:   “The Meaning of Sensations: Internal Yoga / Qigong as a Biofeedback System ” 

Covered:   The Meaning of Magnetic-like Sensations, Working with Signal and Resonance (as biofeedback)  in Various Body Configurations, Achieving Advanced Athletic Connection* and Alignment with “Resonance Training”

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