Box 3-18 More Advanced Studies of Signal & Movement

Photo 3-15     Standing and Movement Practice While Working with Signal

More Advanced Practice: Attending to Signal While in Motion

After gaining proficiency using signal as a biofeedback technique, try a more advanced practice that includes standing and movement. As demonstrated in Photo 3-15, begin by standing, and then tune into signal between the palms in the same way you did in the previous sitting practice. Once you have tuned into signal in the open space between the palms, begin to stretch and exaggerate your posture, as demonstrated by the practitioner in Photos 3-16 and 3-17. Gradually, while maintaining attention to signal, and also maintaining a tensional feeling in the palms and arms, begin moving one hand to the rear.


Perform this exercise in an isometric way, as if your rearward arm movement is resisting tension. Then, gradually increase the distance between the hands and move with increased speed, going as fast and as far as you are able to without losing the sensation of the signal. The distance between the hands gradually increases, as does the speed of movement. A link to a video showing a class practicing this exercise is included in Box 3-18.

Photo 3-16      More Exaggerated Hand Position while Working with Signal

Photo 3-17     Increased Speed and Distance Between the Hands while Maintaining Attention to Signal.