Box 2-19

"Source Points" Stimulation and Experiment with Foot Shape

Experiment with Exaggerated Foot Shape

Note how the lower two images illustrate the improved connection through the athlete’s body. Arrows indicate the locations of foot shape exaggerations

From the book:

We found that when intentionally changing/ exaggerating foot positions to activate and stimulate source points, the individual becomes increasingly able to consciously trigger, the feeling of stressful tugging along the myofascial meridians. As a result, the sense of exaggerated foot position becomes easier to access in training. Although initially tested as a training method for athletes seeking to improve “connection” and power, regular practice of the technique translates into other activities, such as walking and running.   

(Read more in Section II, Chapter 6:   “A New Way of Looking at the Body’s Yuan, or “Source Points”  /  or  Purchase section PDF by clicking this link )